Employing industry Executives, Project Managers, Job Coordinators, Quality Control Representatives, Dedicated General Contractor Agents, Cleaning Techs, and General Laborers throughout America, Arena USA is built by the people from within. Laborers Union accredited, we clean all range of new construction including private, and prevailing wage agreements.

Customer Service

With a large footprint in the Construction Cleaning Field, we do have experience with largescale janitorial, and maintenance services.

Cleaning Services

We are a full in-house professional cleaning provider from High-rise Window Cleaning, Curtain Wall Washing, Complete Interior Rough, Final, and Fluff Cleaning. We clean America’s Greatest Buildings.

“No matter the contract price tag we treat each job the same, the process is uniformly equivalent. Procurement, Estimating, Managing, Operations, and Closeout all have equal value when partnering with our General Contractors. Our people make all the difference.”


Roger Bailey, Founder

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